Installing Your Popup/Sticky Bar



So you've customized your first popup and/or sticky bar and you're ready to launch it for the world to see!

This article will help you out with:

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in GTM, Magento, Shopify, Unbounce, or WordPress

To install your embed code in GTM (Google Tag Manager), Magento, Shopify, Unbounce, or WordPress, follow the corresponding link below to find specific instructions for that platform:

Installing your Embed Code in Google Tag Manager
Installing your Embed Code in Magento
Installing your Embed Code in Shopify
Installing your Embed Code in Unbounce
Installing your Embed Code in WordPress

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar Anywhere Else

To install your embed code on a platform not listed above or on a static website, follow these instructions:

Scroll down to the "Installation" section from the Popup or Sticky Bar Overview page, click the "Copy" button to copy your embed code, and paste this copied line of Javascript at your platform/website (ensuring to include the Javascript within the <head> section).



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