Why is it still saying “Looking for CNAME”?


I added my CNAME yesterday so why is it still showing as “Looking for CNAME”?

Keep Calm and Don't Panic! CNAME records can take a few days to propagate depending on your hosting provider -- so if your Unbounce domain overview is still showing "Looking for CNAME" or "configuring", it may just mean that your hosting provider is still going through the motions of connecting Unbounce to your CNAME. 

Check Domain Propagation Status

You can check your propagation status by using running a query on your domain on http://whatsmydns.net or https://mxtoolbox.com/. If your domain is up and running correctly, everything should be pointing to "unbouncepages.com" with a checkmark next to the name.

Create a Test Page

Occasionally after confirming your propagations status is set up and running correctly, the Unbounce application will continue to say 'Looking for CNAME'. In cases such as these it may be that the Unbounce application is taking extra time to update things on our end. 

Try creating and publishing a test page on your domain to confirm this is the case:

If your domain is try.yoursite.com, create and publish a page on try.yoursite.com/test to see if the page is viewable on the web when you enter the URL in your browser. 

My CNAME shows as being set up correctly, but I still can't see my page on my new domain?

If Unbounce shows that your CNAME is set up correctly but your published page is still not showing up in your custom url, please try clearing your cache or using a different browser. Your browser may have cached the page and stored a version of the page that had not yet propagated your CNAME status. 

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