Why is it still saying “Looking for CNAME”?


I added my CNAME yesterday so why is it still showing as “Looking for CNAME”?

Most of the time when the app shows "Looking for CNAME", the CNAME record hasn't fully propagated yet. This can actually take anywhere 24-48 hours to take full effect, depending on where your domain is hosted.

Check Domain Propagation Status

If you want to check the propagation status for yourself, try using a tool like http://whatsmydns.net or https://mxtoolbox.com/ and run a query on your domain. If your domain is up and running correctly, everything should be pointing to "unbouncepages.com" with a checkmark next to the name.

Create a Test Page

Sometimes everything is fully propagated just fine, but the app continues to say 'Looking for CNAME'. Our app just might need a little time to update. Try creating a test page and publishing it using your domain.

For example, if your domain is try.yoursite.com publish a page on try.yoursite.com/test and see if you can view your page live on the web.

If Unbounce shows that the CNAME is set up correctly but you still can't see your published page, be sure to clear your cache or try it from a different browser. It could be that your browser cached the page when it wasn't there yet.


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