Can I Make My Landing Page Fully Responsive?


Create fluid responsive landing pages with Smart Builder, optimized for any device! See Editing the Mobile Version of your Page in Smart Builder to learn more. 

Our primary focus when creating our mobile-responsive feature was to ensure that the Desktop and Mobile views were fully functional and completely customizable across as many devices as possible, with minimal work on our customers' part. 

With this setup in mind, the Mobile Responsive feature offers 2 viewports: Mobile and Desktop.

Our responsive technology uses a single breakpoint of 600px (when the landing page's view switches from desktop to mobile). This means that any device with a viewport width wider than 600px will see the Desktop version of your landing page, and any device with a width smaller than 600px will see the Mobile page.

Our pages are currently mobile & desktop responsive only. You can set up fluid responsiveness using custom CSS or scripts, as this is outside the scope of Unbounce.

What about a tablet device?

Since the default breakpoint is 600px, a device with a viewport wider than 600px will see the Desktop version of your landing page, and a device with a viewport smaller than 600px will see the Mobile version.

So, the Desktop version will be rendered and scaled to fit your Tablet device's full screen.

Rest assured, all the content will still display on the Tablet's screen. This will ensure that your traffic's vast majority will have access to a version of your landing page that your users can see and use without issue. 

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