New In November '17


Check out what's new at Unbounce!

This month we've launched Horizontal Forms (which include built-in form field placeholder text) and we've deployed more bug fixes!

Horizontal Forms
(Launched: November 16th, 2017)

The Horizontal Forms feature allows you to set your forms to be displayed horizontally, so you can place your form fields side-by-side rather than stacking them vertically. 

This functionality was identified as a high priority request during our beta testing, as customers often use sticky bars for lead generation and they could be hindered by our form field's previous, vertical-only layout limitation.

There has been a popular Horizontal Form workaround in our Community for a while now, and we're thrilled to announce our fantastic development team has now built this feature right into the app!

The Horizontal Forms feature empowers you to create a better user experience by offering another way to display your information within dimension-restricted forms without covering/overlapping vital content.

Check out Toggling Between Horizontal/Vertical Form Fields for a step-by-step guide on switching the layout of your form fields!

Maintenance and Fixes

We've been working hard this month to make some key improvements to various elements of the Unbounce app, which include the following:

  • We've updated our email address change process!

    A change to the email address associated with your account will now prompt a notification to the new email address entered.

    You will be prompted to verify the new email address and, upon successful verification, an additional notification will be sent to the original email address to notify of the email address change. If you receive notification of an email address change which you did not initiate, please reach out to Customer Support!
  • We've sped up the process of restoring deleted clients!

    Deleting a client also deletes the pages within that client. Previously, you could reach out to Support and put in a request to have your pages restored from a deleted client, which was a bit of a long process as it involved some help from our developers.

    Now, Support has the ability to restore a client in real time, meaning you no longer have to wait to have your deleted pages restored! 

That's all for now! Happy converting :).