Why won't my Wordpress Plugin authorize?


Help! My Wordpress plugin won't authorize, keeps giving me an error. How can I fix this?

Our plugin needs to find matching domain names in Wordpress and Unbounce in order to authorize the connection. Luckily, if you're running into this issue it's usually a super easy fix.

The biggest reason you might not be able to Authorize with Unbounce is because the domain you've added into Unbounce doesn't match the 'www' part of the URL that you have in Wordpress.

First, check to see if Wordpress is installed using 'www' or not. For example, is your WP installed on www.examplepage.com? Or is it installed on examplepage.com (without the 'www')?

If your Wordpress is installed without using the 'www', then simply edit your Wordpress domain in Unbounce (remove the 'www.' part of the domain). Then go back to Wordpress and try to Authorize the plugin again.

If you've ensured everything matches but you're still running into issues with our Wordpress plugin, contact our stellar support team so we can dig in and take a closer look. 


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