Why Won't My Wordpress Plugin Authorize?



If you are using Google SSO to sign in to Unbounce and are having issues getting your Wordpress plugin to authorize, please log in to Unbounce first and then log in to Wordpress to solve this issue.

Wordpress plugin authorization issues are usually the result of domain name mismatch between Wordpress and Unbounce, which renders Unbounce unable to authorize the connection.

Normally this is caused because you have not entered the full domain in either Unbounce or Wordpress.

Navigate to your Wordpress account and double check the domain format you've used in Wordpress:

Ensure that whichever format you've used for your Wordpress account matches exactly what you enter as your domain in your Unbounce account. If the answer is no:

  1. Edit your Unbounce domain entry so that it's an exact match.
  2. Navigate back to your Wordpress account and re-authorize the plugin.

If you've completed the steps above and are still having issues with our Wordpress plugin, please check our troubleshooting guide, or contact our support team by using the Help widget at the bottom left corner of Unbounce. 


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