Integrating Popups & Sticky Bars with Event Tracking in Google Analytics


Want to integrate your Popups & Sticky Bars with event tracking in Google Analytics? No problem!

What you will need:

    • A Google Analytics Account
    • An Unbounce Account 
    • An Unbounce Popup & Sticky Bar
    • A working domain or subdomain

If you have multiple trackers installed on your host page, events will be sent to all of them.

Note: Google Ads Call Tracking or Call Tracking Metrics is currently supported on only landing pages, but not on Popups and Sticky Bars.

Integrating Popups & Sticky Bars with Google Analytics

  1. First, follow the instructions at "Installing Your Popup or Sticky Bar" to install your Embed code to your website.
  2. Next, confirm that you have Google Analytics installed on your website/page. If you don't, check out Getting Your Website Tracking ID for instructions on setting this up.
  3. One last step to enable Google Analytics: In your Popup or Sticky Bar Overview screen, scroll down to "Installation" and "Google Analytics" and select the "Fire Google analytics events when this Popup or Sticky Bar is shown, and when visitors convert" option.Select_Fire_Google_Analytics_Events_Box.png
  4. You're done! You will start receiving events on Google Analytics with the following characteristics:
    • Category: “Unbounce Convertable”.
    • Action: “View” or “Conversion”.
      • A “view” is collected when the Popup or Sticky Bar becomes visible on the page.
      • A “conversion” is collected when the conversion goal is met.
    • Label: The “ID” of the Activation Rule which will be present on the Popup or Sticky Bar Overview page. 

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