Adding Testimonials to Smart Builder


Testimonials are a great way to grow social proof on your landing page and build trust and credibility with page visitors and potential customers. 

Build powerful testimonial carousels targeted to your audiences using the Testimonial Carousel app in Smart Builder. 

What You'll Need

  • Quotes and credible testimonials from your customers/clients,
  • Images/photos to go alongside the testimonials,
  • A page built in Smart Builder.

Installing the Testimonial Carousel App

  1. Navigate to the Appstab on the left-hand side of Smart Builder.
  2. Search and locate the Testimonial Carousel App.
  3. Click the plus button next to the Testimonial Carousel to install the app.
  4. The Testimonial Carousel app will appear in the Add tab in Smart Builder.

You can now drag and drop the Testimonial Carousel app anywhere on your page. To learn more about drag and drop, see this article: Using Drag and Drop in Smart Builder.  

Updating your Testimonial Speed, Height, or Auto-play Settings

  1. Drag and drop the testimonial carousel app into your page in Smart Builder:
    Gif demo of the testimonial carousel app.
  2. Single-click the Testimonial Carousel section; click the gear icon to launch the Settings:
    Annotated image of Testimonial Settings.

Update the following settings for the carousel:

  • The Height will update the size of the image only. 
  • The Delay Before Changing Slides settings adjust the carousel's speed, which is how quickly the carousel flips from one testimonial to the next.
    • The default is 4000 milliseconds (4 seconds).
  • Toggle the button next to Auto Play to remove this feature; if auto-play is turned off, your visitors will need to click the arrows next to each image to flip through the testimonials. 
  • Decrease or increase the Total Testimonials you'd like on your landing page, by clicking the - or + button.

Customizing your Testimonial Carousel

There are three sections to update for the carousel:

Numbered screenshots of different components in testimonial carousel.

  1. The image,
    • includes alt-text,
  2. The description or details (i.e., the actual testimonials from your customers), and
  3. Your customer's name.

Updating the Image

  1. Single-click the Testimonial Carousel section; click the image icon  to launch the Testimonial Properties
    Testimonial properties to add a new image.
  2. Click the + button to add your first image to the testimonial. 
  3. Add alt-text to the image (alt-text improves digital accessibility to those who may access your page via screen readers.)
  4. Once you add the image, it will appear in Smart Builder:
    Gif demo of a user adding an image to the testimonial carousel.

Adding the testimonial description or details

  1. From the Testimonial Properties , scroll down till you see the field titled Quote Text
    Annotated screenshot of red box around quote section.
  2. Update the dummy text to the testimonial quote. 

Adding your customer's name

  1. From the Testimonial Properties , scroll down till you see the field titled Name Text
    Annotated screenshot of red box around quote section.
  2. Update the pseudonym with your customer's name (i.e., th person who shared the testimonial).

That's it! You've customized one testimonial in the carousel. To complete the remaining testimonials, scroll down in the Testimonial Properties to update Testimonial #2, Testimonial #3, and any more remaining:

Gif demo showing the remaining testimonials within the Testimonal Properties dialog box.

Be sure to Save your page to finalize these changes.

Previewing Your Testimonial Carousel

 To preview the carousel before publishing, 

  1. Click the Save button at the top of Smart Builder. 
  2. Toggle the Preview button, and scroll down to the Testimonial Carousel section.
  3. The carousel will appear in preview-mode:
    Gif demo previewing the testimonials; each testimonial flips through automatically.

This would be the time to make additional adjustments or changes to the testimonial speed, height, or auto-play settings.