Which Builder Should I Choose: Smart Builder or Classic Builder?


So you've signed into Unbounce and you're ready to create a landing page! To get started, click the Create New button at the top of the All Pages screens:

Red arrow pointing to Create New button in Unbounce app.

A new page appears where you can select a builder. We understand that it can be tricky to decide which builder to get started with, so here's a video to help get started:

Creating a Page in Smart Builder

First, check to see if Smart Builder fits your current business needs. Our teams are working hard to iterate and improve Smart Builder frequently, so some features you require may not be available just yet. 

Next, See Creating a Page With Smart Builder to create your first page, and learn about all of Smart Builder's handy Controls & Tools

After you've made your first page, you can begin customizing it. Take a look at the articles listed in this category to help you get started: Working in Smart Builder.

Creating a Page in the Classic Builder

The original Classic Builder helps you create & optimize landing pages with drag-and-drop controls and widgets, custom code, and pixel-perfect precision.

See Creating a Page With the Classic Builder to create your first page!

Next, you'll want to go over the layout of the Classic Builder so that you can familiarize yourself with its different features and page-building options.

Then, you'll want to start working on page sections, images, and more! See the following videos and articles in our webinar to help you get started editing in the Classic Builder: Learning the Classic Builder.

Or, visit the following category: Working in the Classic Unbounce Builder.

See these sections to get started:

Working in Smart Builder (Beta)

Working in the Classic Unbounce Builder