Deleting Elements in Smart Builder


You may notice an element in a section in Smart Builder that you'd like to remove from your page. Instead of swapping or changing the element for another, you can delete it directly within Smart Builder!

This article will explain how to delete elements from any section in Smart Builder. 

  1.  Navigate to your landing page in Smart Builder. 
  2. Single-click the element in Smart Builder, and a few control will appear.
  3. Click the Delete icon.
  4. A confirmation message will appear, asking to confirm the element deletion. 
  5. Select Delete:
    Gif demo of a user deleting an element in Smart Builder.

That's it! The element will no longer appear on the landing page. Be sure to Save & Republish/Publish your page. 

To undo this action, click the undo button at the top right-hand corner of Smart Builder

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