Creating and Customizing

Convertables are currently only supported on desktop.

What is a Convertable?

We're glad you asked!

Convertables are relevantvalue-driven triggered overlays that allow you to convert more of the traffic that goes to your website, blog, landing page, or any other web page.

As of October 3rd, 2016, you can now build your totally customizable Convertable using Unbounce and add it into any webpage by copying and pasting a little bit of Javascript.

Wait, so how are they different from pop-ups?


Convertables are different from pop-ups because:

  1. They don't open in a separate window; instead, they appear within the same window the user was currently browsing.
  2. They are controlled by site owners, not third-party advertisers. Site owners have different intentions, and must take into consideration the on-site user experience.
  3. They can be triggered not only by a visitor arriving on the page, but also by one leaving or idling on the page.
  4. They use targeting options to specify who is or isn't shown the overlay, instead of being shown to every user who visits a page.

Ready to create, customize, and install your first Convertable? Let's go!

Step One: Creating your Convertable

  1.  Click "Convertables" from the All Pages screen.
  2. Choose a Template (or start with a blank template if you prefer), name your Convertable, and select "Start with this Template"
  3. Design your Convertable however you'd like and when you're done, click "Save".

    You can copy and paste elements directly from your Unbounce landing pages onto your Convertables.

  4. Next, you'll want to review and customize your Convertable's trigger and frequency. Click "Overview" and continue on to Step Two: Setting the Trigger and Frequency to get started.

Step Two: Setting the Trigger and Frequency


  1. Choose when your Convertable will be triggered: "When a visitor arrives on the page", "After a delay of [] seconds""When a visitor tries to exit the page", or "When a visitor scrolls [] percent of the way down the page".
  2. Click the "See how often your Convertable appears" drop-down menu to choose how often your Convertable will be shown to visitors: "Show on first visit only", "Show on every visit, until they convert""Show only on "nth" visit""Show every "nth" visit, until they convert", or "Hide on first visit, show on all return visits until they convert".
  3. Next up is setting your URL location! Scroll down to "Location" and continue on to Step Three: Setting the URL Location.

Step Three: Setting the URL Location

  1. Enter the domain where you'd like your Convertable to appear (don't worry about including "http"/"https").
  2. Select the page(s) of your domain where you'd like your Convertable to be included.
  3. If needed, select the page(s) of your domain that you would like your Convertable to be excluded from.

  4. Click the "Publish" button at the top of your screen.

    Even when published, your Convertable won’t be live until you paste a line of Javascript onto the back-end of your website/store/blog post.


Next up is installing your Embed code! Scroll down to "Installation".

Glossary Terms

Frequency: How often your Convertable will appear

Trigger: When your Convertable will appear

Known Issues

  1. Video backgrounds and embedded videos for "on exit" and "timed" Convertables not firing correctly in Safari
  2. Auto-play for video backgrounds and embedded videos for "on exit" and "timed" Convertables not firing correctly
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