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Clients allows you to separately manage your clients and projects in Unbounce. A Client is essentially a folder where your pages, users, and domains are kept separate from your other clients. When you invite Users, you specify which Client they can access which keeps your other Clients and landing pages private.

As you can see below, this user has access to four different Clients: Pura-vida, Gastown Realty, Orca Tours, and Happy Bungee.


In order to organize clients and users in your Unbounce, you will require a Premium or up account. To add and manage your clients navigate to your Manage Account page by accessing the dropdown menu when you click your name in the top right of the Unbounce interface.

Click the Manage Add-Ons tab on the left - here you'll find a list of your Clients and a quick overview of their details including Users, Pages, and Custom Domains.

To add a new Client click the green button in the upper right. You can also delete a Client using the Delete button, and archive or edit it (including the name) from the gear dropdown.

To exit the Manage Account page, use the context switcher on the top left of the window and click "Clients" and then navigate back to your chosen Client.


To add and manage Users click the Users tab on the left of the Unbounce interface.

If you're adding your first User click "Invite a New User Now" and if you're adding another User click the green Add a User button in the upper left.

Add the email of the person you'd like to invite as a User on your account and select from three options:

Admin: has basically the same access to your account that you do.  Admins can access all your Clients and change all settings for them including adding and removing Users and Custom Domains.

Author: has access to the pages and settings of the Client you're working in but not Users or Domains.

Viewer: can view all published and unpublished pages but can't make any changes (a great way to allow users to preview your pages)

Once you add a User they'll get an email inviting them - click Pending Invitations to see invitations you've sent still awaiting response - you can also re-send or cancel the invite here from the gear menu.

Declined Invitations show you any Users who've decided against becoming a User on your account.

Copying Pages Between Clients

If a user has Author access to two or more clients, that user can copy pages between those clients. This guide will show you how to do just that.

If you don't have Author access to both Clients, you can always download the page and send it to a client. For more instructions on downloading your page, check out the article below:

How to Download a Page

What You Will Need:

  • Author access to two or more clients

Step 1: Ensure the user is invited as an author to both clients. You can see how to give new users access to a client in the sections above.

Step 2: Moving the Pages

  1. On the Pages Tab, open the cog menu next to the page you'd like to move and choose "Copy to a Client".Choose_Copy_to_a_Client.pngAlternatively, you can click the checkbox next to the page you'd like to move, select the "Action" drop-down menu, and choose "Copy Pages to a Client".Select_Copy_Pages_to_a_Client.png
  2. Choose the Client to which you'd like the page copied.

That's it!

In a few moments, you'll see a copy of the original page appear in the new client's page list.

A few things to keep in mind...

  • The stats from the original page are not copied.
  • Leads from the original page are not copied.
  • The new copy will be unpublished.

Editing, Archiving or Deleting Clients

  1. Log in to Unbounce.
  2. Click the Client arrow in the top left of the Unbounce window.
  3. Click Manage above the account whose Clients you'd like to manage.
  4. Click Manage Add-Ons.
  5. Click the Client(s).
  6. Access the Cog Menu (cog_menu.png) next to the appropriate Client.
  7. Select the option (Edit or Archive)

Generating a Traffic Usage Report

The Traffic Usage Report feature allows you to quickly and easily get an idea of how much traffic each of your clients are generating in the form of one slick, ready-to-go report you can send to clients or stakeholders.

  1. Log in to Unbounce.
  2. Click Get Traffic Usage Report.

  3. Select the "Choose a Date Range:" drop-down menu to designate your desired date range.

  4. Click "Last 30 Days", "Last 60 Days", or "Last 90 Days" to select a pre-defined date range.
  5. Select "Custom Date Range" and type or select your desired date range to enter a specific date range other than 30, 60, or 90 days.
  6. Verify the email address to which you would like your traffic usage report to be sent and update it if necessary.
  7. Select "Email Traffic Reports CSV" to send your report directly to your email address.
  8. Success! You will have a traffic usage report, similar to the one shown below, in your email inbox in no time.


Admin: has access to all clients and billing information in a particular account including adding and removing Users and Custom Domains.

Author: has access to the pages and settings of the Client you're working in, but not Users, Domains, or billing information.

Viewer: can view all published and unpublished pages including stats, but cant make any changes.


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