Getting Your Leads

How to Retrieve Your Lead Data

On the lower right of your Page Overview you'll see Leads and Form Integrations.

Click on "View Leads" to see all the leads submitted on your landing page.

On the left of the report are Form Submission details, which is the data that's collected regardless of how you set up your form: date and time of submission, IP address, and which variant the user submitted from.

On the right of the report is the data from the form fields on your page, which is totally dependent on how you set up the form. For more information about setting up forms, check out the support article below:

Setting Up Your Form Fields in Unbounce


You can download this data by clicking "Generate CSV of Leads." From the menu, you can select the date range of leads you wish to pull into your CSV.  

Additionally, from your All Pages screen, on the far right, you can download leads by date range at the client level by clicking "Download Your Leads CSV."

Under Basic Integrations you'll see "Email Me New Leads" - click and you can enter an email address (or addresses) where we'll send new lead information.  You can also change the subject of the email from here.  Once activated, you'll receive an email for each new lead broken down into Form Submission Details and Form Fields on Your Page.

If you're looking for our Integrations, the Integrations section of our documentation will be your best bet.

Check out our resources on Integrations


Form Submission details: includes date and time of submission, IP address, and which variant the user submitted from

Generate CSV of Leads: to download your leads data, which can be filtered by date range, from your Page Overview

Download leads by date range: to download your leads data at the client level from your All Pages screen

Email Me New Leads: where you can enter an email address to where new lead information will be sent


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