Integrating with Google Analytics

The following video and article will teach you everything you need to know to embed Google Analytics tracking into your Unbounce landing pages.

Integrating with Google Analytics

What you will need

  • A Google Analytics Account
  • An Unbounce Account


  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Click the Admin button in the Google Analytics toolbar
  3. Select the Account you're working with
  4. Select the Property (site) you're working with
  5. Click  Tracking Info
  6. Select and copy the tracking code then return to Unbounce
  7. Paste the tracking code into your landing page's Javascript library (Select 'Head' for placement)
  8. If using a Form Confirmation Dialog, paste the tracking code into your confirmation dialog as well (Select 'Head' for placement)
  9. Save and republish your page

That's it! Google Analytics will then begin tracking metrics for your landing pages.

Note: Google can take up to 48 hours to start showing results within the Analytics dashboard.

Next Steps

Event Tracking

To enable event tracking in Unbounce, follow these steps.

Tracking Variants

To track your specific Unbounce page variants using custom dimensions in Google Analytics, follow these steps.

Customizing Your Reports

Since the data collected from this integration is handled within your Google Analytics account, check Google's site for information on building customized reports.


Property: site that you're working with.

Google Analytics placement: head.