Integrating with HubSpot

Got HubSpot? Great! Just follow the instructions below and you can send your new Unbounce leads over to HubSpot.

Only HubSpot users with administrative access can authenticate a HubSpot account with Unbounce, so if you're not the administrator of your HubSpot account, ask someone who is to follow these steps.

The Unbounce/HubSpot integration works on a per-form basis which means that your Unbounce landing page can only be integrated with a single HubSpot form at a time.

What you'll need

  • An active HubSpot account with administrative access.

  • A new HubSpot form (older HubSpot forms have been deprecated and are NOT compatible with the new HubSpot API).

  • Your Hub ID.

  • A paid Unbounce account.
  • An Unbounce page you want to integrate with HubSpot.

Setting Up Your HubSpot Integration

  1. In the Page Overview screen for the landing page you wish to integrate with HubSpot, click "HubSpot" to start the integration process.

  2. Click "Connect with HubSpot".

  3. HubSpot will prompt you to log in if you aren't logged in already.

  4. If you have more than one account associated with your HubSpot login, choose an account.

  5. Click "Grant Access".

  6. Wait for Unbounce to authenticate with HubSpot and redirect you back to Unbounce.
  7. Select the HubSpot form you wish to use with your Unbounce page and click "Continue".

  8. Republish your page (HubSpot uses a tracking script that is inserted into your Unbounce page, and as a result you'll need to republish your pages after integrating with HubSpot to finalize the changes).

That's it, you're all set! All new leads will now be sent over to your HubSpot account.

At this point you may wish to adjust the default field mapping.

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Forms Are Required

Our HubSpot integration requires at least one form in one of your page variants. Any time another page variant with a form is created, the integration needs to be re-run.

If none of your page variants has a form, you will see a warning when you try to integrate with HubSpot, and you will not be able to continue.  Simply create a form in one of your variants and then you can proceed.

If one of your page variants does not have a form (but at least one other page variant does), then you will see a warning when you try to integrate with HubSpot.  Heed this warning carefully!  If you add a form to any of your other page variants, then you will have to redo your HubSpot integration for the new page variant form to work with HubSpot correctly!

HubSpot Custom Javascript

When you integrate with HubSpot, we add some custom Javascript that allows leads to be properly tracked via HubSpot.  The Javascript is titled "HubSpot Tracking Script" and should not be removed under any circumstances. You will need to re-integrate with HubSpot if you remove the HubSpot custom Javascript!


If, for any reason, your page is missing the HubSpot Cookie form field or the HubSpot Tracking Script Javascript, then the integration with HubSpot will not work.  To fix this, simply re-do the HubSpot integration.


HubSpot Integration: requires an Unbounce account with a Pro subscription. It works on a per-form basis so your Unbounce landing page can only be integrated with a single HubSpot form at a time.

Hub ID: can be found on your HubSpot Settings page

HubSpot Tracking Script: should not be removed under any circumstances.


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